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Astra-100 by New Malwa Agritech Corporation Astra-100 by New Malwa Agritech Corporation
Description Astra-100™ is an all-purpose adjuvant concentrate based on non-ionic wetting agent that stands out in its ability to an effective spreading and penetrating property. Astra-100™ is designed to reduce surface tension and has activating as well as penetrating capability. Astra-100™ has ultra-low static surface tension to provide superior spray coverage and is unique among other surfactants. Astra-100™ enables stomatal flooding and cuticular penetration and decrease the spray volume required for a particular pesticide application, allow for better targeting, and increase pesticide, insecticide, herbicide up-take.
Composition Non-ionic surfactant : 80% w/w
Alovera Extract : 5% w/w
Inert Ingredients : 10% w/w
Stabilizers : 5% w/w
TOTAL : 100% w/w
Mode of action Astra-100™’ surfactant molecule helps to break water surface tension, allowing the pesticide to be more evenly dispersed on a surface and to reach its target. The contact angle produced by Astra-100™ creates better substrate wetting and penetrating.
Application Astra-100™ reduces surface tension below 22 dynes/cm, which produces very rapid wetting and spreading on hard-to-wet surfaces such as waxy leaves. Thus, complete coverage is achieved with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agricultural chemicals. It may be used as a formulation ingredient in pesticide products, or as a tank-mix adjuvant for foliar applied chemicals
Advantages 1. SPREADER: Gives more uniform spray to the plants to increase coverage of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, defoliators and foliar micro-nutrients.
2. ACTIVATOR: Astra-100™ helps to improve performance of post emergence weedicides, fungicides, herbicides, defoliators.
3. Astra-100™ prevents the spray pumps to get clogged and cleans the pipes and tanks.
4. It has no residue left and is bio degradable hence it is environment friendly and not harmful for animals, birds or human.
5. Astra-100™ is non-corrosive to equipment.
6. Astra-100™ does not harm plants, remain stable, and do a good job of breaking water surface tension.
7. Astra-100™ significantly promotes the uptake of chemicals rapidly.
Compatibility Astra-100™ is compatible with a wide array of agricultural fertilizers, insecticides, defoliators, herbicides, foliar micro-nutrients, PGR and pesticides. It is recommended to do a small jar test before preparing a full tank mix. Also check the compatibility of the other chemical before mixing.
Crops Recommended: Cotton, citrus, paddy, pepper, tomato, flowers, vegetables, onion, melons, cucurbits, capsicum, potato, peanuts, soybean, maize, wheat, garlic, ginger, radish, carrot, okra, cauliflower, brinjal etc.
It is also suitable for all other types of crops, millets, cereals, pulses, fruits, spices, medicinal crops, aromatic crops, orchards and ornamentals.
Doses Foliar Application: With HERBICIDES: 10 ml. per pump.
Packing 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Liter, 5 Liter, and also available in BULK packaging.
Shelf Life Astra-100™ has a shelf life of 4 years from the date of manufacture.

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