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Bio Upchar™

Bio Upchar by New Malwa Agritech Corporation Bio Organic Concentrate by New Malwa Agritech Corporation Bio Organic Fertilizer for crops and vegetables
Description Bio Upchar™ is an organic concentrate consisting of many bio products that improves the fertility of soil and increases the nutrient level. It contains organic plant growth regulators that help to increase the no. of branches, flowers, fruits that impacts directly on the abundant increase in productivity. It significantly increases the mass of roots and thus, promotes the uptake of nutrients. The macro/micro nutrients present in Bio Upchar provides all the essential nutrients required of the complete development of the plant.
Composition Humic Acid : 88% w/w
Hydrolysed Protein : .1% w/w
Amino Acid : 200 ppm approx.
Plant Growth Promoters : .5% w/w
Macro/micro Nutrients : 500 ppm approx.
Stabilizer : .5%w/w
TOTAL : 100% w/w
Mode of action Bio Upchar™ accelerates the biochemical and enzyme reproduction in the plant, hence increase in the metabolic process. It increases the chlorophyll content in the plant, stimulating the photosynthesis process and makes the plant lush green and healthy for longer period. Hormones and other micronutrients present in Bio Upchar makes proper growth of root & shoot prolifically.
Application Bio Upchar™ can be used for the seed treatment or can be also applied via drip directly to roots to provide an overall development of plants from root to top. The foliar application of Bio Upchar provides a lush green effect to the plant and increases the cell division rapidly which increases the fruiting and flowering.
Advantages 1. Bio Upchar™ accelerates the uptake of macro/micro nutrients, chlorophyll, vitamin, protein.
2. It induces the germination of seed, shoots development, and provides roots development by increasing its mass.
3. It stimulates the pollination in plants hence, increase in fruits and flowers.
4. It provides tremendous vigor to crop and enhances stabilization of nutrients in soil.
5. It facilitates the absorption of nutrients by increasing the cell membrane permeability of the root.
6. It increases the soil nutrition and significantly reduces the fruits and flowers shedding.
7. It increases the size of fruits and flowers.
Compatibility Bio Upchar™ is compatible with a wide range of agricultural insecticides, herbicides, PGR and pesticides. Always do a small jar test before preparing a full tank mix. Also check the compatibility of the chemical before mixing.
Crops Recommended: Potato, onion, soybean, maize, wheat, garlic, ginger, radish, carrot, okra, cauliflower, brinjal, and paddy.
It is also suitable for all other types of crops, vegetables, millets, cereals, pulses, fruits, spices, flowers, medicinal crops, aromatic crops, orchards and ornamentals.
Doses Seed Treatment: Dissolve about 20 gm. Of Bio Upchar™ in 200ml of water and treat the seed thoroughly, dry them in a dry place for 2-3 hours and the use them for sowing.
Drip: Dissolve 100-120 gm. Of Bio Upchar™ in water per acre according to the stage and condition of the crop.
Foliar Application: Mix about 20-25 gm. Of Bio Upchar™ in 200ml of water. Use 20-25 ml. of the mixed solution per Pump.
Packing 20 gm. pouch, 50 gm. pouch, 100 gm. Jar, 250gm. Jar, 500gm. Packet, 1 Kg. Packet and also available in BULK packaging.
Shelf Life Bio Upchar™ has a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture.

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