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Sulfozyme™ Garden Special Granules

Sulfozyme Garden Special Granules for vegetables, flowers and plants Zyme Granules for home, garden for vegetables, flowers and plants
Description There is a home garden, lawn, flower pots in most of houses which require regular and timely maintainance as well as good manure. New Malwa Agritech Corporation feels proud to present “Sulfozyme™ Garden Special Granules” which are zyme granule based organic manure especially made for home and lawn garden. Made with the unique combination of biologically derived Plant Growth Promoter, Seaweed Extract, Enzymes, Humic Acid, Amino Acid, Fulvic Acid, Neem and various Micronutrients. Sulfozyme™ Garden Special Granules provide excellent flowering and maintain the soil nutrition in home garden flower pots and turfs. In addition, neem and sulfur present in sulfozyme™ garden special controls the pest in plants and make them healthy and nourished.
Composition Plant Growth Promoter : 5% w/w
Soil Conditioner : 5% w/w
Seaweed Extract : 3% w/w
Humic Acid : 2%% w/w
Sulfur : 2 % w/w
Hydrolysed Protein : 1%
Neem : 1% w/w
Amino acid : 6% w/w
Other Ingredients : 25% w/w
Adjuvants : 10% w/w
Zyme Granule Base : 40%w/w
TOTAL : 100% w/w
Mode of action The growth promoting hormones provides tremendous vigour to the plants and gives abundant flowering and fruiting. The enzymes found in Sulfozyme improve the properties of the soil, increases nutrient required for growth of the plant. The sulfur present in Sulfozyme nourishes the plant as it is the secondary essential nutrient. Mirconutrients provide the entire essential nutrients.
Application Sulfozyme™ Garden Special Granules are used to improves the soil structure making soil more porous permeable. It increases the fertility plants and turf. Sulfozyme™ Garden Special improves the root development, germination of seeds, protein & vitamin content.
Advantages 1. Sulfozyme™ garden special granules are made especially of garden and home garden containing plant growth promoter, sulfur, neem, humic acid, amino acid and seaweed extract.
2. Sulfozyme™ garden special granules significantly reduces the incidence of nutrient leaching.
3. Sulfozyme™ garden special granules increases no. of branches and increases no. of flowers and fruits in each branch and provides resistance for flower and fruit abscission.
4. Sulfozyme™ garden special granules improves the uptake and translocation of macro/micro-nutrients, proteins, vitamins.
5. Sulfozyme™ garden special granules develops stronger roots which holds the plant and provides more nutrition to plant.
6. Sulfozyme™ garden special granules also increases the chlorophyll content thus, increasing the photosynthesis process making the plant healthy and strong.
7. Sulfozyme™ garden special granules has no toxic effect and leaves no residue and is safe for animals, birds and environment.
Compatibility Sulfozyme™ is NOT COMPATIBLE with any type agricultural herbicides and pesticides or insecticides.
Crops Recommended: Rose, hibiscus, lily, yellow carnation, chamomile, daffodil, daisy, amaryllis, orchids, chrysanthemum, rosemary etc. It is also suitable for turf, vines, fruits, shrubs, aromatic plant, orchards and ornamentals.
Doses 50-100 gm. (A handful) Or more per flower pot (depending on the pot size). 200-250 gm. In turf, fruit plant or trees. Apply 2-3 times in 60 days with an interval of 15-20 days.
Packing 500 Gm., 1 Kg. standard packaging.
Shelf Life Sulfozyme™ garden special granules have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture.

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